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Hi there! 


My name is Lexi Hensler and i have been working in the creative industry most of my life.  I became a professional actress at the young age of 13 and then worked my way into Hollywood where i performed numerous stand up comedy shows and trained with coaches from Disney Channel and NBC.  In addition, I am well trained in singing and dancing and have been able to harness these skills with trainers in Los Angelas as well.  


Over the last couple of years I have dove into the modeling side of the industry and absolutely fallen in love with being able to create beautiful pieces.  Almost everyone I have worked with has always praised me for my close attention to detail and my ability to take direction well.  These skills have taken me far in becoming a social media influencer!  I able to not only give 110% to each and every company that i work with, but i am also able to work in collaboration with them to ensure that what i am producing is exactly what they are looking for. 


I would love to speak with anyone reading this about their hopes and dreams for their company and come together to make something magical.  Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and find out a little bit more about me!  I hope to hear from you soon.